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"Your child gets to walk out of high school with a 2 year degree without student loan debt they would have gotten from their first two years of college."
Christi Saralamachio, Parent of a Fast Forward Student
by Christi Saralamachio, Parent of a Fast Forward Student
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What is Fast Forward?

Dual enrollment programs have shown to have positive effects on students. Through these types of programs, we’ve seen students discover their hidden passions and talents, while along the way working toward a degree or certification.

Dual enrollment participation results in a greater likelihood of high school graduation, transition to a four year college or pursuit of postsecondary education. This means that your child is more hirable after graduation, more likely to land a job and significantly more likely to earn a comfortable, living wage.

Fast Forward Degrees & apprenticeshipS


Technical Associate Degree
Associate of Applied Science

These degrees are designed to enable you to gain the skills and qualifications to work in a specific field immediately upon graduation.

The Technical Associate Degrees are terminal degrees that typically include 15 hours of general education courses. The general education credit hours earned are also transferable to a 4-year institution. Other coursework completed along the way throughout this degree may also be transferable, but that varies depending on the program.

Louisiana Transfer Associate Degree (LT)
or Associate of Science

These degrees are universal transfer degrees from a postsecondary campus, and allow you to enter the next phase of life with a jump start on your education.

The LT associate degree curriculums are consistent at all Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS) campuses and allow students to seamlessly transfer to a public Louisiana 4 year institution upon earning the degree with 60 transferable hours.


If following a pre-apprenticeship/apprenticeship pathway, students can earn credit and invaluable, practical experience working at a registered Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC) apprenticeship. For a list of available apprenticeships, visit the LWC page.

Visit Louisiana Workforce Commission
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Accelerate Your Child’s Potential

For more information, or to help your child apply for the Fast Forward program, contact your child's school counselor.