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"[Fast Forward] let me try and see that it was for me, and now that I have an associate's degree, I can go on to college and continue pursuing a 4 year degree. There was really nothing to lose."
by Haley Strassel, 12th Grade, Aerospace Manufacturing
"It's a lot of work, but it's going to prepare me for the future and help me be successful in life. It's definitely paying off."
by Joy Young, 12th Grade, Phlebotomy & CNA
"I never knew about Aerospace Manufacturing until I heard about it through the program."
by Desmond Chambliss, 11th Grade, Aerospace Manufacturing
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What is Fast Forward?

Fast Forward is a program that’s built for you to find your passion, earn your degree and thrive beyond high school. Fast Forward offers the chance for you to get a head start on your career by finding what you love and helping to pair classroom learning with practical, technical experience.

Depending on your pathway, the program will pair you with further education or state registered pre-apprenticeship/apprenticeship opportunities to guide you toward future success.

Fast Forward Degrees & Apprenticeships


Technical Associate Degree
Associate of Applied Science

These degrees are designed to enable you to gain the skills and qualifications to work in a specific field immediately upon graduation.

The Technical Associate Degrees are terminal degrees that typically include 15 hours of general education courses. The general education credit hours earned are also transferable to a 4-year institution. Other coursework completed along the way throughout this degree may also be transferable, but that varies depending on the program.

Louisiana Transfer Associate Degree (LT)
or Associate of Science

These degrees are universal transfer degrees from a postsecondary campus, and allow you to enter the next phase of life with a jump start on your education.

The LT associate degree curriculums are consistent at all Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS) campuses and allow students to seamlessly transfer to a public Louisiana 4 year institution upon earning the degree with 60 transferable hours.


If following a state registered pre-apprenticeship/apprenticeship pathway, students can earn credit and invaluable, practical experience working in a Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC) registered apprenticeship. For a list of available apprenticeships, visit the LWC website.

Visit Louisiana Workforce Commission
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Fast Forward Requirements

As part of the Fast Forward program, students spend the majority of grades 9 and 10 on the high school campus, earning core graduation requirements.

Once they reach grades 11 and 12, students spend the majority of their time on the postsecondary campus or a satellite location while dually enrolled in courses. This ensures students complete their graduation requirements while also earning an associate's degree or earn on-the-job experience participating in a state registered pre-apprenticeship/apprenticeship.

Ready to FAst Forward your career?

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